Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is O Longevity & Wellness, PLLC?

It is a membership-based private (concierge) medicine program that is dedicated to providing the utmost convenient and personalized medical care. Dr. Ken Ota, founder and physician, focuses his clinical approach through preventive medicine.

Why should I become a member?

When you become a member, you will benefit from a customized health optimization plan, have access to a variety of specialized services, and have direct access to your personal physician. You will immediately realize the convenience of the concierge model of care. If you consider your health as the most important asset in your life, then you should seriously consider becoming a member as you will be in good hands with Dr. Ota.

Who would benefit from concierge medicine?

Any person that:

  • wants to optimize their current health
  • feels that their current form of healthcare is not meeting their needs
  • wants to have prompt access to their personal physician
  • wants ongoing guidance with hormone optimization, nutritional counseling, and body composition management
  • employers that want to supplement their health benefit package with executive-level healthcare for their staff (corporate wellness)
  • travels frequently within the U.S. and needs prompt physician consultation to avoid ER or Urgent Care waiting rooms while away from home
  • professional athletes
  • high-profile individuals seeking highly convenient and private access to medical care
Do I still need health insurance if I become a member?

Yes, it is recommended that you maintain a health insurance policy even if you become a member. The O Longevity & Wellness membership does not replace your health insurance. Concierge Medicine is a separate benefit that you may choose to personally supplement your healthcare with.

What does my membership cover?

Your membership will include:

  • an extensive annual physical examination
  • unlimited direct access to your personal physician
  • unrushed doctor’s appointments
  • prompt face-to-face doctor’s appointments for sick or urgent visits
  • immediate contact with your personal physician via secure email, or telephone (video conferencing is an option as well)
  •  access to your personal physician even when you are traveling within the U.S.
  • nutrition and supplement planning
  • specialized annual blood profile
  • cancer screening counseling
How is concierge medicine different from traditional medicine?

Traditionally, our healthcare is dictated by what is covered and paid for by our health insurance plan. Medical providers do as much as they can under the constraints of a patient’s health insurance, however, the experience is often sub-optimal, impersonal and at times it can seem as though a patient’s needs just aren’t met. The practice of concierge medicine is intentionally designed to eliminate such inadequacies and provide patients with a high-quality of care experience.

What if I need to contact my doctor after hours or on weekends?

Dr. Ota welcomes after hours contact. If it is an emergent issue, a direct telephone call is appropriate. For any non-urgent issues, the private online patient portal (which is a form of secure email) is the preferred method of contact. Non-face-to-face after hours and weekend contact IS covered by the membership.

What is corporate wellness?

Most employees of a company spend a large portion of their awake-hours in the work place. Suboptimal employee health can lead to poor quality work, missed work days, and potentially overall job dissatisfaction. Supplementing the corporate healthcare benefit with access to a concierge physician is an excellent way to ensure high-quality management of employee health.

What if I need to see a specialist?

Dr. Ota has a network of specialists he works closely with to ensure prompt referrals as needed

What are some of the available services/therapies NOT included in membership?

Dr. Ota has a number of procedures and therapies that he offers in the clinic (separate fees apply):

  • After hours and weekend face-to-face visits
  • IV vitamin infusion, IV therapy for dehydration or hangover, IV therapy of migraine headaches
  • Laceration repair and other skin procedures
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapy for certain orthopedic injuries
  • Reticular and spider vein treatment
  • Botulinum toxin treatment for migraine prevention
  • Osteopathic manipulation treatment for soft tissue injuries
How do I learn more and/or become a member?

Dr. Ota is happy to speak with you directly to answer any questions you may have about Concierge Medicine and his philosophy of care. Visit the Contact page to reach him via telephone or email.

How is my membership billed?

The membership fee is billed on an annual basis. This can be paid by personal check or credit card.

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