PRP & Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative therapy is a relatively new and exciting area of medicine. Regenerative medicine procedures are largely investigational at this time, however, some really intriguing findings are being continually published in the scientific and medical literature.

Platelet Rich Plasma, also known as PRP, is a portion of your own blood that is concentrated into a sterile vial. The cells in this concentrate are called platelets. The solution that they are suspended in is called plasma. For various types of orthopedic injuries, this mixture can be injected into the injured area and accelerate the wound healing process through medically induced inflammation. PRP, interestingly, is also being used for facial skin rejuvenation, hair regeneration, and even sexual dysfunction in men and women.

Stem cells are very young cells that have not differentiated into the mature cells that they are signaled to eventually become. Stem cells are found in many different tissues: bone marrow, fat, umbilical cord, etc. Recent studies are demonstrating that stem cells may be used to regenerate injured tissue (i.e. cartilage in joints, tendons of muscles).
Dr. Ota uses a special form of stem cells that are extracted from healthy umbilical cords. In properly selected patients, stem cells can be injected into injured tissue and potentially regenerate damaged tissue. As a result, the patient may experience improved function and decreased pain from their injury.

Dr. Ota himself had stem cells injected into his torn tricep tendon. Within 2 months he was back to weightlifting and training in martial arts without any pain.

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